Completing an Internship During Your University Course in Australia

Some people think that the only goal they have to achieve while doing a university course is to get the degree and move on. But that is not true because there are other worthy tasks to be completed during your university course. One such task is completing your internship. Even though this is not going to be easy, understand that nothing good comes easy.  You will enjoy all the benefits reaped from work put in by the time you complete the internship.

Apart from all that has been said, there are very apparent reasons why you should join the search for internships in Australia. Completing an intern placement comes with a lot of experience for you as a student who will eventually have to look for jobs. Internships give you the expertise that you need to survive once you are out there on your own. Internships can be unpaid, or you can get paid for it, it all depends on the nature of the one you are going for.

interns weekly scrum meetingAn internship can also be intensive, or it can be part-time or on and off. Again, the duration of each session is going to depend on the type that you are going for. The precise kind of internship you are also going to do will depend on the course that you are studying at the university. For example, those who are studying courses like nursing, education, and medicine will have to do their internship in places like hospitals, clinics, and schools.

If you happen to be studying other courses like law, business, arts, engineering, and any other kind of science course, then you may have to transition to other institutions or sites to find an available internship that suits you . So, as you can see, several factors come into play when it comes to completing your internship during your university course.

Now that you have seen that you can finish your internship during your university course, there are some other things you need to put in mind. These are factors that will guarantee success in your effort. The first thing you need to do is to perfect your schedule. Being a student in a university is not an easy task by itself. Because you still have to combine that with an internship is going to be very hectic.

If you want to remain productive as a student while doing your internship, then you need to get your timetable right. As time is the only real resource that you have, you have to make the most efficient use of it. For this to happen, you need to draw your schedule and stick to it. That way, you are going to be able to balance your studies and your internship perfectly.

Another thing you can do to ensure your success is for you to consider the location. Try as much as possible to get your internship done in a place very close to your school. If possible, find a way to do your internship right on your campus. That way, life will be a lot easier for you.

Internships open doors for you, doors that lead to many different pathways you can branch-off towards. If you’re lucky, your internship can turn into a fulltime job if you do your job well and prove to be very valuable for the company.


How To Convince Your Boss To Send You To Pause Fest 2020

Speak to your boss. Go now. Go and do it. Ask them if they have heard of Pause Fest. Tell them how badly you’d like to attend. Being the world’s leading festival for technology and creativity, this is undoubtedly one you can’t miss.

Attending will be 2,000 of the most amazing global creators, leaders of thought, and builders of the future. They will all be talking about the required innovation to get to where we need to be. They will also spend quite a bit of time talking about what is happening in your industry. This event is not up for debate – you have to be there.

The boss asks – “right, tell me more – what should I expect you to be getting up to?”

You tell them:
I’ll be listening to the best speakers out there about endless innovation and receiving endless hi-five’s.

I’ll be attending forward-thinking workshops and incredible experiences.

I’ll meet people from leading start-ups, and see VC’s, Pause Incubator, and the Tech Garden Expo.

I’ll be networking with some of the best and attending mentoring sessions.


For those of you who are that-way-inclined, there is even a VIP dinner, business breakfast, and an after-party on launch night, with ongoing entertainment.



This festival is designed for progress – everyone eager to develop, network, grow their businesses and explore innovative ways of thinking and doing. Let’s get down to business. No messing around here, nothing generic, and nothing inside the box.


Cover a year of meetings in just 3 days! Connect with your peers, meet rising stars from start-up companies, discover new clients and get advice on your latest project.


Shake hands and have a beer with the creators and leaders behind growing and established start-ups as well as prominent tech companies.


Over 2,000 organisations have visited Pause Fest for business. Whether you’re looking to strike a deal, meet a start-up, gain new clients or validate your latest project, we’ve got you covered.


Be a portion of the world’s leading festival for business and creativity. Attend Pause Fest, hear from the most beneficial, and get ahead of the game.


Treat your hard-working team to three days of education and motivation as they connect new-found insights with valuable connections and tons of energy.


With the most influential people in tech and journalists around, there is no more endorsed place to tell the tale of your brand.



They are on a mission to encourage strong collisions between future builders from diverse professions and industries, all in the name of innovation.


See below for a full list of speakers:


Wayne Allan Technical Product Manager
Galit Ariel Founder and immersive space explorer wondARlands
Arturo Arrarte Head of Growth – Asia Pacific Slack
Katy Barfield CEO Yume
Paul Bassat Co-Founder and Partner Square Peg
Susie Bayes Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy Guardian Australia
Michael Biercuk CEO & Founder Q-CTRL
Kayla Brizo Lead Product Manager Sony Music Ent.
Nicky Bryson Director of Strategy & Insight, PwC & Founder The Trenches
Seb Chan Chief Experience Officer ACMI
Stephenie Cheng Product Manager Netflix
Kaley Chu Author 100 Lunches
Trent Clews-De Castella CEO PHORIA
Bryony Cole CEO The Future of Sex
Steven Cornwell Global Director, Grand Experience ERA-co
Nigel Dalton Co-Founder BandGarage
Athan Didaskalou Co-Founder July
Didier Elzinga Founder and CEO Culture Amp
Hugh Forrest Chief Programming Officer SXSW (Live Video)
Paul Francis Global Head of Sport Science Adidas
Kate Freebairn UX Director Google Nest
Rich Fulcher UX Director Google, Material Design
John Graham-Cumming CTO Cloudflare
Brian Green Character TD Walt Disney Animation Studios
Dr Angus Hervey Co-Founder & Political Economist Future Crunch
Jason Juma-Ross Tech Strategy Facebook
Sungku Kang Director of Research and Development GiantStep
Manuel Lawrence Pedestrian Planner Arup
Tammy Martin Co-Founder BandGarage
Nathan Musson Founder eMoo Media
Tom Ogletree Senior Director of Social Impact and External Affairs General Assembly
Miles Orkin Chief of Staff Google Cloud – Apps UX
Sarah Owen Senior Editor Insight, WGSN
Dom Price Work Futurist Atlassian
Dom Pym Co-Founder Up Banking
Mike Rigby VP and Executive Creative Director R/GA
Jessica Ruhfus Founder Collabosaurus
Tim Ruse Co-Founder and CEO Zero Latency
Mike Safyan VP of Launch Planet Labs Inc.
Cormac Sheehan Founder Green Planet
David Sheldon-Hicks Cofounder & ECD Territory Studio
David Shing Digital Prophet
Aurelien Simon Executive Producer, Emerging Technology The Mill
Alastair Simpson Head of Design; Platform, Growth, Trello & Confluence Atlassian
Barbara Soalheiro Founder MESA
James Spenceley Chairman Airtasker
Haraldur Thorleifsson CEO & Founder UENO
Lisa Watts CEO The Conversation
Jason White Co-Founder & CCO Leviathan
Ashleigh Wilson QLF Student Services & Community Manager Coder Academy
Stephanie Winkler Head of Insights APAC, VICE
LaDonna Witmer Willems Associate Editorial Director Dropbox Brand Studio


Why meditation is as good as a holiday

In a world of everyday stress, anxieties and anticipation, the human mind can frequently come under plenty of pressure which directly affects our mood, which makes us less positive and self-assured. Meditation has a deep, rich and calming effect on the human body and is supposed to clear our minds and urge feelings of calmness and a sense of consciousness. It’s a opportunity to tap into an abundance of creative energy that’s said to provide a more meaningful experience of life which will enrich us eternally.

Meditation can be appreciated by anyone and guarantees you will feel fitter in everyday life.

Makes you happier
Meditation induces the pituitary gland in our brain to secrete endorphins which help elevate mood and have a beneficial impact on the entire body. Additionally, it alters brain activity to improve the area associated with positive emotional experiences.

Reduces anxiety
Endorphins also function as a way of reducing stress levels in the brain; so by meditating you can quit worrying about the small things in life and focus on the exploration of yourself and to promote  positive feelings.

Makes it possible to focus
Meditating permits you to learn how to discipline yourself and this will reflect in your daily way of life. When you address jobs, your mind will focus more obviously and you’ll experience a heightened efficiency.

4 Reasons Why Meditation is Beneficial to Your Life

Developing a clear mind

If we’re conscious and focused on the moment, we’re wholly participated in the present actions. Meditation tunes into what is happening under the surface of our ideas and helps us unplug. With the years, this also becomes a subconscious habit which contributes to improved memory and focus, along with increased clarity and mental acuity.

Emotional intelligence

We have the ability to get in touch with our emotions, as soon as we have enough time to sit with no distractions. We might realize our main cause of stress or our unrest. Meditation helps us recognize our emotions but also allows us the opportunity to sit rather than being fearful or avoiding. Rather than continuing to ignore or repress your emotions, you should work through the habit of sitting with your ideas. Because of this, you deepen your intelligence and ability to recognize and work as they arise, which affects your relationships and mental state in a manner that is positive.


Meditation enables us to take ownership of our own bodies, and learn what things our body is capable of. Do we feel weak or powerful? What can we do to cure our hurt? Meditation is much like the practice of yoga, which helps you establish a link between body and mind. Through an increased level of self-awareness, we cultivate moment awareness that helps us concentrate on all aspects and every moment of our lives, keeps us grounded and enables us to stay current.

Stress and anxiety

Obsessing about the future or the past can lead to unhappiness. We’re content when we are immersed in the current moment. We can only control what is happening in our lives and that is the reason why there isn’t any reason to be stressed and anxious over things outside of our control. Our life is in the present moment. Meditation is the anchor. This is the trick to gaining control over your nervousness, reducing stress, and living a lifestyle that is happy and positive.